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Do I have to be a member to join an event?

To participate in our singles events, you need to register for free with Dare2Date. This is so that we can have your information and contact details on file and have you agree to the terms and conditions which protect the safety and privacy of all guests.  Dare2Date’s membership is FREE and you only pay for the events that you attend or services you use.

What kind of events does Dare2Date offer?

When Dare2Date was founded in 2011 we were called Speed Dating Perth and specialised in – you guessed it! – speed dating singles events.  Our speed dating events are still very popular and cater for a range of age groups but as we have grown to meet the demand from our clients, we have expanded our range of events.

Dare2Date nows offer cooking classes, personal development seminars and even international holidays for our single clients and look forward to arranging even more fun opportunities to meet.  In fact, if there is an event we don’t currently offer that you think would make a great Perth singles event, please contact us to suggest it.

I’ve never been speed-dating before and I don’t know what to do!

Don’t worry – there’s a first time for everyone who comes to a speed-dating event! But to help you understand what will happen, we’ve created this comprehensive article about what to expect when you go speed dating – so you can feel confident meeting new people and have a great time!

How much will it cost?

Dare2Date offers affordable singles social events. The cost to attend one of our speed dating events is just $50 and includes a drink, canapes and speed dating.  We also offer Early Bird specials and other discounts to members from time to time.

The cost of social events varies depending on what the activity is, but Dare2Date aims to keep events affordable and accessible for all Perth singles.

How do I pay?

Payment must be made online at the time of booking.  We offer Paypal and EFT (Bank Draft) Payment options, which you can select when booking. Pre-payment is essential to ensure there are equal numbers of men and women at Dare2Date events.

Is it okay to come alone?

Of course! In fact, it can be better to come alone so that you are more open to meeting and talking to other singles instead of hanging onto the security of a buddy! At Dare2Date events our friendly hosts will make sure you are comfortable and help introduce you to new people.

When do I get my speed dating matches?

Dare2Date will aim to email your matches within 48hrs of a speed dating event.

What do I talk about in my 5 minutes?

Dare2Date speed dating is a fun experience so just relax and be yourself! There is no need to come with pre-prepared questions, basically general light-hearted conversation is the best.

We recommend you try to stay away from any controversial areas such as politics and religion. Remember you have five minutes to make a positive impression make sure you use your time well.  Five minutes will give the right amount of time to find out if you would like to see the person again.

What should I wear?

Our dress requirements vary according to the venues we use but Dare2Date recommends you dress to impress! If you need a bit of inspiration, why not check out our dating articles for some tips on personal presentation?

Who will I meet at Dare2Date speed dating events?

You will get the chance to meet genuine, Perth-based singles from various different professions, in a range of age groups which will suit you.

Can I book for an event that’s not for my age range?

The age ranges for events are in place so all attendees have an honest expectation of the ages of other singles they will meet when they arrive. If you are just outside (1 to 2 years) of an advertised aged bracket for an event you want to attend, please contact us to check if it’s OK to come along.

Who is dating coaching for?

Dating coaching is for singles, male or female, who want to find the man or woman of their dreams. It’s especially helpful if you have had challenges with dating such as low self-confidence, always attracting the wrong ‘type’, feeling socially awkward or not knowing how to present yourself to attract a partner, or having residual issues from past relationships.

Dating coaching from a qualified coach Debbie Rivers of Dare2Date aims to remove the blocks that are standing in between you and a rewarding relationship, and give you the tools and techniques to find the love you have been hoping for.

Is it the same as counselling?

While dating coaching uses counselling techniques including NLP, it is different from traditional ‘relationship counselling’ which often focuses on couples who are already in a relationship and perhaps are experiencing challenges.  Dating coaching focusses specifically on you and your needs and aims to ensure you get the outcome that is right for your future happiness.

What qualifications does Dare2Date have to deliver coaching?

Debbie Rivers, Dare2Date’s dating coach, is a qualified Life Coach with the Life Coaching Institute, a certified MatchMaker trained by the Matchmakers Institute in New York, and a certified practitioner in Coaching and NLP.

What outcomes will I get from coaching?

Our aim with dating coaching is to give you the best preparation possible to attract the person that you have been looking for to share your life.  While we can’t guarantee that you will walk straight out of coaching into the arms of the perfect life partner, we can say that if you work with Debbie you will feel stronger, more confident and clear about what you are looking for in a partner and be in the best possible position to attract love.

I’m not sure, I’ve never done any kind of relationship coaching – what if it’s not for me?

Dare2Date offers a completely FREE first session of coaching for all of our new clients, so that you can ‘try before you buy’ and see what dating coaching can do to transform your life.  Enquire about your free first session now.

Do you guarantee I’ll meet ‘the one’?

When you sign up for Matchmaking with Dare2Date, it’s important to understand that we’re not guaranteeing that you will become married, or that a particular person will date you, or that you will want to date a particular person.

What we do guarantee is that we work diligently on your behalf to make introductions to people that our years of research and experience have proven will be a compatible long-term partner for you.

What we guarantee once we have say we can take you on, is that we can give you the opportunity to meet good single people and a chance to find love.

Is this the same as glamour photography?

If your image of glamour photography means feather boas and vaseline on the camera lens – the answer is no!  Both our Portrait Photography Packages offer an opportunity to show the REAL you – at your best. Our Natural Portrait Package lets you prepare your own hair and makeup and is best suited to those who want a great professional image taken by a photographer who knows how to bring out your natural good looks. The Makeover Portrait Package is for those who would like the extra confidence of having their hair and makeup professionally done, as well as professional portraits by an experienced photographer.

The photos that you get will not only give you confidence in your online appearance (including dating sites and social media profiles), but help prospective romantic partners see the real features they will be enjoying in real life when you meet!

What if I don’t like the photos

Our expert photographers will take multiple photos during your session to give you the best option of getting a result you are happy with. You’ll be able to select your preferred photos from all the shots taken during your session.

Am I restricted in where I can use the photos?

Our copyright agreement allows you to print and use online all the images that you are supplied with, for personal use.  You are not allowed to sell or licence your image to be used for commercial purposes.

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