Dating in 2018 – Here is what 5000 Singles Thought

By February 10, 2018 Blog, Dating Tips
Dating is like Darts

Each year conducts a survey of 5000 singles to see what they think. It is an American survey, however most of the data relates to singles in general.

In the survey 69% of singles were ready for a relationship! Which is great news and I can tell you I see the same thing here, there is no shortage of singles who want more than a hook up.

I love the info on what women want on a first date, I totally agree. I wish they had asked the men the same question.

So what impresses women and what behaviour do they want on the first date:

90%Want a compliment about their appearance
91%Impressed when the man insists on paying
90%Impressed if a guy is there waiting for her when she gets there
82%Impressed by a guy who hugs hello
71%Impressed by a kiss on the

What puts a girl off on a first date:

90%Put off when a guy checks his phone
90%Being more than 15 minutes late
81%Having more than 2 drinks
68%Ordering food for them
38%Being rude to wait staff

The one thing women want to feel on a first date is COMFORTABLE (79%)!

Ok this seems an unusual question it is under the section of when do girls let their guard down and is related solely to make up!

25%Never wear make-up (not even on a first date)
29%Will go without make-up when in a committed relationship
9%Will always wear makeup, even after moving in together

Random information about male habits:

27%Will always man scape
37%Plan to never stop man scaping

1 in 10 men will fart on a first date and 20% will pee with the door open after a couples of dates.

What singles notice when you invite them over.

Women will raise an eyebrow to:

86%Stealing the neighbours internet
79%Not having the internet
73%Not having a computer

Turn ons:

91%Clean bathroom
90%Nice sheets
88%Well maintained lawn

82% of women are turned off by a roommate compared to 69% of men.

When is it ok to become friends on social media

41%After going out a couple of times
19%Before a first date
18%Once things get serious
15%After a good first date

When does bad sex become a deal breaker?

52%After a few times
18%Once we are committed
16%It’s never a deal breaker
14%The first time

80% of singles say it is important for their partner to reach orgasm.

The most disturbing face is 1 in 4 singles would have sex with a robot. Surprisingly more women than men – 31% of women and 15% of men.

The best sex is being had by the over 60’s.

Five ingredients for good sex:

76%Good Kisser

Five things that made for bad sex from a guy’s point of view:

75%Too much talking
65%No passion
56%Little movement
52%Lights on
51%Not saying I love you

Five things that made sex bad from the women’s point of view:

88%Too much talking
81%No passion
74%Bad kissing
69%Too little movement from partner
68%No foreplay

Kissing is definitely important and not just for teenagers.

What they thought of friends with benefits:

92%Must use birth control
67%Can’t have more than one FWB at a time
62%Can’t tell anyone
36%They can only contact me at certain time

45% of FWB have had it evolve into a relationship.


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